Good marketing strategy is one of the methods that is making Apple unbeatable in the watch band market. They have made good use of online marketing through their E-commerce sites, where they use industry-specific forums and social media platforms to reach their target audience. Rose gold apple watch bands are among the watch bands that are highly marketed online. Apple is able to cover a wide range of market in online marketing through the following ways.

Targeted Crowd Marketing


If you have opened any YouTube videos, you must have come across apple watch band ads running. This is one of the major targeted crowd marketing methods used by apple to sell their apple watch bands online. According to the statistics, there are 2.1 billion active users every month and 122 million users daily. It’s, therefore, an excellent way for any company or brand to market its products. Apple collaborates with many industries on YouTube to sell its watch bands, like the rose watch bands that is most popular with women. Apple has spent over $6.6 million on YouTube, and this clearly shows how serious they are in ensuring their brands reach as many people as possible. Of course, for apple to spend that huge amount, they must have done good research and proved beyond doubt that it would be profitable.

Social Media Platforms

Apple is also marketing its apple watch bands through different social media forums that are industry-specific. Some of the most used social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Marketing their products on social media platforms via targeted crowd marketing has helped them create market awareness of apple watch bands among numerous people using these platforms. This will further help to reach more people through word of mouth from those who have seen the information online. Crowd marketing helps reach many people since several people follow these social media platforms. This cost-effective method has resulted in the mass following of apple. Through these platforms, people have learned of many types of apple watch bands, like rose gold apple watch bands. By using this method, apple sales reps have been able to communicate directly with their audience and deliver the right message to the audience. It’s the best way to give information that can be understood by audience and also a way of correcting false information that could have gotten its way to the audience.

Review Websites

Website reviews are another way apple markets its watch bands and gets to learn more from the users of apple watch bands. Some of the review websites are Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. customer reviews, whether positive or negatives, are vital since they help know where to improve and what to keep. Positive reviews will always encourage another person to make a purchase. Apple’s sales reps can engage clients through these platforms to know how their experience with their products is. When using review websites, the company must ensure all queries from the clients are answered, and every comment is responded to, whether