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Why LinkedIn Recommendations Are Important

LinkedIn recommendations carry a powerful punch.

If you’ve ever written a resume, I don’t have to tell you how important “references” are.

LinkedIn’s version of references are recommendations!

The recommendation carries a lot of weight. Think about it. If a person has to sit down, think out and compose a few sentences, time is required.

You also are probably safe in assuming there is an element of sincerity involved also. In short, I think the recommendations are trustworthy!

(WARNING: Do NOT confuse LinkedIn recommendations with endorsements. They aren’t the same! You can read more here: Why LinkedIn Endorsements are Silly)

Higher Expectations?

Yes, there’s the added expectation that the writer knows of what they speak! They have had some kind of hands-on experience with the person they are recommending.

For example, on the back cover of my book, Be Social Be Rich, you will discover recommendations from folks. If you make the assumption that the recommendations come from people who have actually read the book, you would be right.

The same is true on LinkedIn!

The recommendations section is a place we can go to get first hand knowledge from folks who have it!

The importance on your own profile? Credibility.

How do you accumulate? Simply ask!

Every time you work with a client or customer, always ask them if they would mind writing a LinkedIn recommendation. After a while, it will become second nature.

And, while we’re on the subject . . .

Why not get in the habit of paying it forward? If someone has done an outstanding job for you, why not surprise them with a recommendation without being asked?

In our blogging, social media, and business worlds, we work with many people. Coaching, mentors, VA’s, tech experts, copywriters, graphic artists, the list goes on and on. What better way to say “thanks” for a job well-done?

LinkedIn Recommendations are golden!

Think of them as representing your raving fans. They not only know, like, and trust you, but have used your services and are willing to share the good news.

Go on now. . . take those LinkedIn recommendations seriously!



Article Marketing Is Still Alive And Well

Have you incorporated article marketing into your online marketing mix? Or are you one of the folks that think it’s a total waste or time? Or maybe you haven’t tried it yet because you are too busy doing other tasks?

Here are a few of the reasons people aren’t using article marketing. Any of them sound familiar?

  • Too much time involved. After all, I write a blog. Isn’t that enough?
  • Not really sure where or how to submit them.
  • Unclear about the return-on-investment (ROI) .
  • I’m no article writer!

Great excuses but they really don’t hold water. Article marketing should be an integral part of your overall online marketing mix same as e-mail, blogging, and social media.

Here’s why the excuses don’t wash!

OK, you do write a blog. And yes, that can be a lot of writing for one day. But have you ever considered that you could condense that fabulous blog post down, or expand on one interesting subtopic, and wham, you’ve got an article written? Really, it’s just that simple. You are already at the writing table. Make haste and write that article!

No clue where to submit? Here’s a couple of free article directories that are good:

  • EzineArticles – My personal favorite. This directory is certainly the most active and most recognized in the online world. You can become an “expert” with only a few well-written articles and is really worth the effort. After all, any time you are labeled an expert is a good day, right?
  • GoArticles – They say they’re the largest article directory on the web. Need I say more?

The return on investment is sometimes difficult to gauge. However, for a very small amount of time involved, you will create backlinks, online visibility, and traffic generation. Now, what were we saying about ROI?

Online marketing has multiple layers and many parts make up the overall mix. You can’t go wrong when you include article marketing!



p.s. If you want to read some of my own articles, just click on the Expert Author button on the right sidebar icon smile Article Marketing Is Still Alive And Well

How To Be Most Effective On Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social media platform and continues to be one of the most effective avenues to send your messages out to the world. Here’s a few of my favorite tips that you might find helpful!

  • Be interesting – You know what that means. Keep the focus off yourself! Let your tweets be something that others will benefit from. And be consistent. If your niche is new Moms, they will probably love the quick and easy dinner recipes but maybe wonder what the heck if you start talking about SEO and keywords. In other words, be interesting to your audience!
  • Be interested – Having agenuine interest IN your followers will make you a Twitter superstar. Remember to be generous with the re-tweets and recommendations. It’s a way of saying, “I like what you’re doing and I want to share it with others.”
  • Don’t complain – Your mother was right. Nobody wants to hear it!
  • Constantly network – Want people to connect with you? Let them know how! Be sure others know you want to connect on Twitter and the other social platforms. And while you’re spreading the word there, be sure your Twitter profile includes a current picture and your bio has a link to your site with a call to action!
  • Watch your stream – Curious about who unfollowed you or doesn’t even follow you at all? Check out It’s a great way to clean up your Twitter stream. Go ahead. . . unfollow those who aren’t engaging with you! It leaves more room for your real fans!

Bonus Tip: Do not buy Twitter followers. Never. It’s silly and unproductive. If you tweet useful links, give informative and well-writen content, engage often, add value to conversations, and re-tweet others, you’ll attract your target audience!

Go now! Get out there and have a twittering good time!



Proven Ways To Increase Your Online Visibility

Online visibility is the goal of everyone trying to be seen and heard on the internet. Without a big presence, you will be overlooked. And who wants that??

Check it out!

There’s a quick and easy way for you to find out if you’re really “out there” on the web. Simply google yourself! If you google my name, Martha Giffen, you will see hundreds of thousands of results. I remember the first time someone said “I see you everywhere.” That was when I knew my online presence had grown to a nice level.

Here’s some of my techniques that worked:

  • Profile photo – I know. I’ve said this so often, I hate to hear my own voice again, and I know you do too, but this one’s an absolute must. Put your photo on everything you do online. We’re talking current picture here. Leave out the kids and the pets too. Want your blog comments to be associated with your picture?
  • Blog comments – And while we’re on the subject, commenting on other blogs is a great place to leave your mark. Yes, sometimes it can seem like a tedious task but in my opinion, well worth the time and effort. Especially if you are serious about your online visibility! It’s a great way to begin building relationships and start being seen.
  • Giving is cool – Folks will begin to notice you if you continue to consistently share relevant and interesting content. Of course, sharing the links of others is really nice too!
  • Youtube – It’s personally not my favorite only because I still don’t like being in front of the camera. However, I am quickly (ok, slowly) coming around because it certainly increases your visibility. People do enjoy getting information through videos and you never know which ones will end up going “viral.” You can see my latest here: Best Blogging Tips
  • Social Media – Consistency is what you’re striving for here. It’s not just OK to be on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. You actually have to say something relevant! Don’t be shy. Put your helpful links out there on a regular basis. I’m talking daily.

When it’s all said and done, your online visibility is really up to you. You can get out there and make yourself known or curl up in the corner with a website or blog that never gets any traffic.

Make the decision to take your business to soaring new heights and then get out there and make it happen!



p.s. If you’re ready to take your online visibility up a notch, check out this month’s new program Social Media Summer Splash

Do Blogs Really Matter? These Do!

Do you think blogs really matter? Can they have an impact on people’s lives at all?

Blogs are written for a variety of reasons, the main one being to get a message across. You know, “out there” for the whole wide internet world to see. That holds true no matter if you are writing for business or pleasure.

Here are a few blogs I think are making an impact on their readers!

  • Grow With Stacy – Written by Stacy Claflin who inspires success through personal development. She has recently tried to help her blog readers develop better habits by hosting Habit Building Days on her blog. Check it out!
  • Uncommon Chick – A blog by Lakesha Brown, owner of XD Web Solutions, who uses this blog to talk about things “other” than business. Her blog is all about living an extraordinary, uncommon life by design. Lakesha has a fun online personality and she’s inspiring too. Go see for yourself!
  • SoloMompreneur – Written by Melanie Kissell, who has been a single mom for over two decades. Her tag line reads: Moms. Your Big why. Your Big Idea. Market Smart. I think you get the picture! Melanie is the solo mompreneur and writes delightful, non-nonsense posts about her experiences as an online marketer. You’ll enjoy!
  • – Lou is an online branding specialist who is fast becoming the “go-to” guy when it comes to video. This blog matters because videos matter! Want to learn anything and everything about video? Lou’s your man! Oh, and if you don’t want to learn it all? He’ll do it for you.

Are you a blogger? One point to remember is the best blogs on the planet help others. Decide how you can do that best on your blog and you’ll quickly have a blog seen as making an impact!

Blog away!