Have you incorporated article marketing into your online marketing mix? Or are you one of the folks that think it’s a total waste or time? Or maybe you haven’t tried it yet because you are too busy doing other tasks?

Here are a few of the reasons people aren’t using article marketing. Any of them sound familiar?

  • Too much time involved. After all, I write a blog. Isn’t that enough?
  • Not really sure where or how to submit them.
  • Unclear about the return-on-investment (ROI) .
  • I’m no article writer!

Great excuses but they really don’t hold water. Article marketing should be an integral part of your overall online marketing mix same as e-mail, blogging, and social media.

Here’s why the excuses don’t wash!

OK, you do write a blog. And yes, that can be a lot of writing for one day. But have you ever considered that you could condense that fabulous blog post down, or expand on one interesting subtopic, and wham, you’ve got an article written? Really, it’s just that simple. You are already at the writing table. Make haste and write that article!

No clue where to submit? Here’s a couple of free article directories that are good:

  • EzineArticles – My personal favorite. This directory is certainly the most active and most recognized in the online world. You can become an “expert” with only a few well-written articles and is really worth the effort. After all, any time you are labeled an expert is a good day, right?
  • GoArticles – They say they’re the largest article directory on the web. Need I say more?

The return on investment is sometimes difficult to gauge. However, for a very small amount of time involved, you will create backlinks, online visibility, and traffic generation. Now, what were we saying about ROI?

Online marketing has multiple layers and many parts make up the overall mix. You can’t go wrong when you include article marketing!



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