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Rock Your Productivity With These 5 Secrets What Is A Blogging Voice and Why Do You Need One?

Rock Your Productivity With These 5 Secrets

The big “P”. Productivity.

Personally, it’s not one of my favorite words. It somewhat smacks of another word that I’m not particularly fond of. Routine.

Just words so I’m changing them.

From now on “productivity” will mean “making profits” and “routine” will mean “every day.”

I’m liking that better. How about you?

The fact is this: Our productivity does impact our bottom line and the sooner we get our productivity groove on, the better.

The art of the big “P” . . . . .

We all know it’s easy to kill hours on social media sites, not too difficult to spend waaaay too much time reading other blogs, and who hasn’t been guilty of spending half an afternoon on a Google search that went wild? I say, to be productive, you need a plan.

Top 5 Productivity Secrets:

  • Write down five goals the night before. This will give you a clear picture of what you will be working on the next day and will help you stay focused.
  • Follow your list exclusively. When you start your day, do NOT vary from the goals you set the night before. Sit at your desk until you have them all complete. After you do this a few times, you’ll know better than to put 155 hours of work on your plate for the next day!
  • Do not check e-mails until you have completed your daily goals. There is one exception here and only one. You may check them IF you are waiting for a specific response from someone. Otherwise, forget about it! You can view those e-mails at the end of your productive day.
  • Use a timer. For your social media marketing, that is. Allow yourself 10 minute intervals throughout your day to update your status. Join conversations after your list is complete.
  • Be accountable. Set a deadline and share it with someone else. Use a coach, a mastermind group, or partner with someone to help you stay accountable.

Productivity doesn’t have to be something that eludes you. It’s really about staying focused and staying on task.

Just remember, rockin’ your productivity leads to a rockin’ successful business!



What Is A Blogging Voice and Why Do You Need One?

Do you know who you are?

Come on. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and gave it some thought?

OK, I’m not here to talk about your deep, self-discovery journey, but it does somewhat go hand-in-hand with finding your voice.

Your blogging voice, that is!

You see, if you are really serious about your blog, you have to know who you are, why you are writing, and talk to your audience in your very best “you” voice.


I guess we’re talking about authenticity again. Becoming real to your readers. Think about it. Unless you are going to blogs for information only (I’m talking textbook here), why are you drawn to the blogs you regularly visit? Two words.

Their voice!

They deliver the info in a way that resonates with you, draws you in and makes you want to come back for more. Sort of like a good friend who tells you to pull up a comfy chair, shares a luscious story that you were waiting to hear and gives you a warm pat on the back before you leave.

Am I right?

Your own blogging voice should be filled with your own story your own “take” on things, your own opinions, quirkiness, and humor. The authentic “you” voice is peppered throughout your content to make it unique and interesting.

For example . . .

Anybody can (and so many do!) write a blog about social media, blogging, online marketing, etc. (my own valuable topics) but nobody can say it like I can! And, I’m not being a braggart, a big-head, or anything of the sort. I’m pointing out that nobody can express their thoughts in exactly the same way as I can. It’s just simple math. There’s only one of me.

There’s only one of you too!

Take your blogging seriously and don’t just regurgitate what everybody else is saying. Put your spin on it. Be controversial on occasion, speak your mind, let people into your world!

That’s what having a blogging voice is all about!

It’s not contrived. It’s not artificial. It’s not bland. It’s writing like you talk.

It’s showing your audience your human side, your personality. Hey, a few warts never hurt anyone!

Your blogging voice is you and you already have that!

Use it!



How to Better Carry Out Online Social Marketing Promotion for Shower Faucets

There is nothing that you cannot market on social media. Whether your company sells shower faucets like Homelody, repair shower faucets, or other products and services, social media is a great marketing platform. Many people are present on social media, thus, giving your brand great exposure within the shortest period. However, there is a small twist regarding online or social media marketing. There are better ways to carry out your social media marketing to promote your brand better and make good sales. In this article, we will guide how best to carry out social media marketing to promote shower faucet sales. They are:

Understand your target customers

You need to figure out the first thing before embarking on social media marketing for your targeted customers. This way, you will present the shower faucets so that the customers can relate to them. To figure out your targeted customer, you need to define their age, location, income rate, the challenge they face when choosing shower faucets, their goal and lastly, what they focus more on. Thus, present the shower faucets that they need, can afford, and are available within their reach; they are easy to use and comfortable for them.

Evaluate the best marketing platforms

There are tons of social media platforms you can use to market your shower faucets in the market. This also narrows down to your kind of targeted customers. For example, people within the age limit of 25 to 45 are quite invested on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. So, if you can showcase the kind of shower faucets you have and how they can impact these people using social media, you will be able to gain a good following. Take your marketing mode to another level and incorporate videos. You can create short tutorials on installing, how the shower faucets work and how to use them on Instagram and YouTube channels.

Work with influencer

Sometimes you need a little boost to put your brand out there to gain sales and followers. Social media influencers are like brand ambassadors with a large following on main socials like Instagram and Facebook or even YouTube channels. These are people you pay to market your products and services solely. One thing that makes it crucial to work with social media influencers is that they can help you reach a large customer base, and most people will be drawn to your brand as no influencer would work with a brand that has a bad reputation. However, as you choose an influencer, make sure to choose someone with good marketing strategies, a good number of followings and a reputation is good to consider.

Owners’ media are great.

These are the social media that the company is in charge of and running on its own. This includes social media profiles, websites and blog content. Even as you work with paid media like social media influencers, you as a brand need to have your marketing platforms where customers can find

A Guide to Social Marketing Promotion for Apple Watch Band E-commerce Sites

With the production of new and amazing Apple watches, getting everything done right, starting from the wrists, has been easy. The production of these fantastic Watchbands has made the world go crazy or, without exaggerating, let’s say fall in love with this new product. Since these wearable devices have become conventional, so have their social media marketing promotions. Having effective, focused, and ironclad social marketing promotion strategies is key to the success of Apple Watch Bands. In recent years Apple Watch Band sites such as cxsbands have affectively integrated social marketing promotions into their marketing strategies which have given them focus and guided them to achieve their set goals and objectives. They have been successful to the extent that Apple’s social marketing promotions have become a benchmark for other companies with the vision of achieving similar heights in recognition and revenue. Therefore if you’re searching for a guide to those social marketing promotions for Apple Watch Bands, worry no more.

Social Marketing Promotion

Below is a guide that will provide more insight into those social marketing promotions for Apple Watch Band sites such as

1. They offer discounts.

The offering of discounts is an outstanding social marketing promotion for increasing sales. They run those discount offers effectively by offering discount codes to potential clients only. Its key to note that every promotion comes once in a while, and when they do, they come with limitations such as specific locations, gender, group, or an age bracket, for example, for youths aged between 25 and 34 years or for the aged above 35 years to avoid backfiring.

Also, frequent customers are offered discounts for enhancing or good relationship building.

2. They focus on customer care or support.

Customers often complain of inadequate services, especially from the customer care desk. Therefore Apple Band’s social marketing promotion sites have integrated live chats, phone calls, and emails to their customer care services to enhance their product promotion. These are meant to ensure quick responses, thus portraying customer care and improving customer experience.

3. They make informed choices for their target audience.

A deeper understanding of the exact audience of your product and the problems they face before launch is an integral part of marketing. This information is crucial for decisions on the product designs and the price tag for your product. Apple Watch Band sites have integrated the audience reviews into their decision-making processes, leading to the making of informed choices.

4. They create unique selling propositions.

Unique selling propositions are an integral part of the success of Apple Bands’ social marketing promotions. It has helped them draw a line between themselves and their competitors. For instance, Apple watches social marketing promotions do not include long reviews of their products down to the watch’s cover. They post excellent and detailed images of their products in less than ten words and let their products market themselves.

5. They are consistent in their quality and delivery timing.

It’s one thing to promise a customer delivery in 24 hours and

How Apple Watch Bands Ecommerce Sites Do Content Marketing

The social media age has taken every business to new standards, whereby every company has turned into publishers. The primary work of these publishers is to publish content of the products they are taking to the market. This may seem easier to many, but it isn’t easy to implement. This is where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is the most effective marketing methods Apple Watch Bands Ecommerce sites such as proofwearable have adapted to differentiate themselves from the competition. Over the years, they have integrated this method effectively to the extent that Apple’s marketing has become a benchmark for other companies with the vision of achieving similar heights in recognition and revenue. Ecommerce content marketing is never easy, but it’s very effective in creating brand awareness, building trust, and making sales when done right.

Content Marketing

Below is how Apple Watch Bands eCommerce sites such as do their marketing.

1. They uphold simplicity.

There is no information on Apple watch bands Ecommerce sites on how and where to buy their products. Their ads are straightforward; they have cut out the flashy noise of stripping down their products to simple basic designs. They showcase their products and let them market themselves.

2. They leverage customer reviews.

The most crucial information in marketing is the customer feedback on the product. The Apple Watch Bands Ecommerce sites have manipulated the art of leveraging customer reviews from their customers. They offer free trials to some of their customers in exchange for a review or testimony on the product they post on social media. They also ensure that for each review, the person’s details, such as their images, are included for credibility purposes.

3. They have developed experimental marketing.

The Apple watch bands Ecommerce sites ensure that they offer their customers memorable and enticing shopping experiences that they will never forget, thus making them come back again and again. To do this, they have integrated the art of storytelling, which comes in handy in generating sensory dimensions and experiences for their overall delivery—these immense their customers in what they are doing by making buying and ordering an excitement.

4. Product advertisement.

These sites have adapted the use of influencers into their eCommerce marketing strategy. By sharing the products with influencers who, in return, share them on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook while showing the benefits of the product, a lead is generated. The influencer also attaches a link that leads straight to the sites.

5. Through visualization and creativity.

This social media generation is usually bombarded with words, making videos an integral part of marketing. The Apple Watch bands Ecommerce Sites understand the impact of words and thus have learned how to use them to their advantage. Through interactions with customers, they have learned that even though words are very effective in marketing, fewer words mean more to the customers, especially when accompanied by images that deeply resonate with the customer’s emotional levels. Therefore Apple Watch Bands eCommerce sites simply use 10words

Can Taking Massive Action Really Change Your Life??

Are you an action taker? Think about that. It’s a fact that success is directly tied to the amount of action one is willing to take. If that’s true, why isn’t everyone taking massive action every single day?

What if I told you it could change your life?

What if I told you, it’s all in your hands?

Taking action is a choice!

Why do so many choose not to do it? Is it because action takes too much motivation? Maybe. Too much time? Unlikely. They don’t really want success? Could be.

Action is just one trait that all successful people posses but it really is necessary to tie all the other traits together.

For example . . . .

How’s your mindset?

Yes, it takes a positive frame of mind and a belief that you can succeed to make it all happen. Have you taken any action in that area? What are you doing to keep your daily mindset on the prize? Do you read positive and uplifting literature? Do you spend time in quiet meditation, putting your mind in a place to receive success?

How about your network?

I’m talking about your closest friends and inner circle. Does it “look” like the success that you desire? I once heard that if you want to be a millionaire, you need to have at leave one millionaire in your circle of friends. Whatever you want to become, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. Have you taken action in that area?

Look at your daily habits . . .

Are you distracted and can’t seem to get your mojo going? Or, are you procrastinating and watching days slip into months, into years? Taking some action every day will give you the results you are looking for. I can’t stress this one enough. Use some massive action toward making your dream come true and you’ll see it happen. Action in your daily life is essential!

Recognize a good idea?

How many woulda, coulda, shoulda moments are you replaying. Get rid of the regrets and go forward. Be aware of the good ideas when they come and (have I said it enough?) take action! Ideas come fast and furious? Or the occassional one comes and you promptly forget it? Carry a notebook or leave yourself a message on your phone to remind you of the ideas to act on.

Don’t confuse thinking with doing!

Thinking about taking action doesn’t get it done. We can all sit around and think how we want our life to be but until we actually DO something, nothing will change.

Can taking massive action really change your life?

You bet!

Go for it!



Why LinkedIn Recommendations Are Important

LinkedIn recommendations carry a powerful punch.

If you’ve ever written a resume, I don’t have to tell you how important “references” are.

LinkedIn’s version of references are recommendations!

The recommendation carries a lot of weight. Think about it. If a person has to sit down, think out and compose a few sentences, time is required.

You also are probably safe in assuming there is an element of sincerity involved also. In short, I think the recommendations are trustworthy!

(WARNING: Do NOT confuse LinkedIn recommendations with endorsements. They aren’t the same! You can read more here: Why LinkedIn Endorsements are Silly)

Higher Expectations?

Yes, there’s the added expectation that the writer knows of what they speak! They have had some kind of hands-on experience with the person they are recommending.

For example, on the back cover of my book, Be Social Be Rich, you will discover recommendations from folks. If you make the assumption that the recommendations come from people who have actually read the book, you would be right.

The same is true on LinkedIn!

The recommendations section is a place we can go to get first hand knowledge from folks who have it!

The importance on your own profile? Credibility.

How do you accumulate? Simply ask!

Every time you work with a client or customer, always ask them if they would mind writing a LinkedIn recommendation. After a while, it will become second nature.

And, while we’re on the subject . . .

Why not get in the habit of paying it forward? If someone has done an outstanding job for you, why not surprise them with a recommendation without being asked?

In our blogging, social media, and business worlds, we work with many people. Coaching, mentors, VA’s, tech experts, copywriters, graphic artists, the list goes on and on. What better way to say “thanks” for a job well-done?

LinkedIn Recommendations are golden!

Think of them as representing your raving fans. They not only know, like, and trust you, but have used your services and are willing to share the good news.

Go on now. . . take those LinkedIn recommendations seriously!



Article Marketing Is Still Alive And Well

Have you incorporated article marketing into your online marketing mix? Or are you one of the folks that think it’s a total waste or time? Or maybe you haven’t tried it yet because you are too busy doing other tasks?

Here are a few of the reasons people aren’t using article marketing. Any of them sound familiar?

  • Too much time involved. After all, I write a blog. Isn’t that enough?
  • Not really sure where or how to submit them.
  • Unclear about the return-on-investment (ROI) .
  • I’m no article writer!

Great excuses but they really don’t hold water. Article marketing should be an integral part of your overall online marketing mix same as e-mail, blogging, and social media.

Here’s why the excuses don’t wash!

OK, you do write a blog. And yes, that can be a lot of writing for one day. But have you ever considered that you could condense that fabulous blog post down, or expand on one interesting subtopic, and wham, you’ve got an article written? Really, it’s just that simple. You are already at the writing table. Make haste and write that article!

No clue where to submit? Here’s a couple of free article directories that are good:

  • EzineArticles – My personal favorite. This directory is certainly the most active and most recognized in the online world. You can become an “expert” with only a few well-written articles and is really worth the effort. After all, any time you are labeled an expert is a good day, right?
  • GoArticles – They say they’re the largest article directory on the web. Need I say more?

The return on investment is sometimes difficult to gauge. However, for a very small amount of time involved, you will create backlinks, online visibility, and traffic generation. Now, what were we saying about ROI?

Online marketing has multiple layers and many parts make up the overall mix. You can’t go wrong when you include article marketing!



p.s. If you want to read some of my own articles, just click on the Expert Author button on the right sidebar icon smile Article Marketing Is Still Alive And Well