Stamp Out Boring Blog Content!

by Martha Giffen

Is your blog a little lackluster?  Are you rushing to put out something so you skimp in the research department and put out boring content just so you’ll have a post?

Stop it right now!

The only way to continually churn out interesting content is to pick subjects that your readers want to hear about, do your due dilligence, be creative in your delivery, and for pete’s sake, leave the boring content alone!

For example. . . .

If you are writing on a common subject,  try to present the material in a new way and personalize it.    Give a little bit of yourself.  If you’re reviewing a product and something about it didn’t work for you, blog about THAT.  People want to know what works, yes, but they also want to know where the scams are, which products are all hype and why you have the opinion you do.

Keep it real!

If you are delivering brand new solutions to problems or showing your reader a new way of doing something, there is no way on this green earth that your content will be boring because they’re hearing it for the first time.  Try and treat each post as if the reader has never ever heard of what you are talking about. Ignite a fire with your words!  If you do, there’s a fat chance your readership will continue to grow.

I know.  Some people are just a little more interesting than others.  A little less interesting is one thing.  An all-out bore is another.  Think about it this way.  In your social world, do you hang out with bores?  I’ll bet not.  Ok, nobody’s going to hang out on their blogs either.

So, soup it up, ramp it up, get creative and go out there and stamp out that boring content!!

You set the trend,  OK?



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 Stamp Out Boring Blog Content!

Martha Giffen

Martha Giffen is a Small Business and Social Media Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. The author of 3 best-selling books, including "Be Social Be Rich," she is an Online Marketing authority and teaches Small Biz Owners how to achieve massive profitable success. And, -she dishes it all out with a warm southern flare!

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