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Twitter is still my number one favorite social media site.  I can’t help it.  The speed and ease of the site just fits my fast-moving brain I guess.

Here’s a few of the many reasons Twitter is still thriving and gaining momentum:

  • Being able to cultivate a raving network.  Can you ever have a big enough network?  Not in my opinion.  The larger my network, the larger the audience for my services.  Plain and simple.  Big network usually converts into big net worth.
  • Access to rockstars in your industry. It’s never been easier to start and join a conversation with people you admire from afar.  Never in any other lifetime was this possible.  Go for it!  Start talking with folks you want to emulate.
  • Tweet chats. They are going on every single day at all hours.  It’s a great place to find like-minded people, learn valuable info, and become part of a community.  My favorites:  #smmanners, #blogchat, and #toolschat.  I enjoy those in particular because they talk about social media, blogging, and tech tools, in that order.
  • Hashtags. While used during tweet chats to alert others, they are also used behind tweets to group people and/or ideas together.  Looking for Twitter tips?  Put #TwitterTips in the search.  Looking for work-at-home moms?  Try #mom, #wahm, or #mommy.  You get the picture!  If not, you might want to read more about hashtags here:  Hashtags
  • Follow Fridays. Love it or leave it, it seems to be here to stay!  Use it right and it can be your best friend.  Otherwise, it can turn into your biggest Twitter mistake pretty quick!  Basically, it’s the idea of telling others who to follow.  But, of course, it’s turned into a shout-out match, so use it sparingly!
  • Promoting. Are you wanting to promote your latest blog post, product, interview, or live gig?  There is absolutely no better place than Twitter!  And, don’t be shy!  Ask your followers to Re-tweet that link for you.  They are usually more than happy to!
  • Visibility. If you are on Twitter several minutes throughout the day, every day, people will start to notice you.  In the game of online marketing, isn’t that the goal?  Enough said.
  • Quick info. Want to learn about a problem in your niche?  Or who else is going to the next live event?  Ask the question on Twitter and you’ll usually get quick responses.  It beats the heck out of any other method for spontaneous, “in the moment” answers!

Yes, Twitter is here to stay and for the person on the go, wanting to connect without a lot of time guzzling, this could be your best shot.  OK, it can be addicting but come on now, so can anything else.  If you are a talker, limit your time. Remember to focus while using it.

Also, one warning.

Tweet conscientiously.  Saying the wrong thing can bring about a horrible result (Have You Had This Twitter Shock Yet?).  Since first logging onto Twitter in early 2008, I made a decision to keep all my conversations and tweets positive.  No bad language.  No talking about others.  Following the golden rule.  It’s worked for me and I advise it for you too.

Do you use Twitter on a regular basis?  What do you like best about it?  Or least?

Thanks for leaving your answers in the comments!



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 Why People Love Twitter

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Hajra January 22, 2012 at 10:11 am

Hey Martha,

I don’t use Twitter as much as I thought I would. I prefer Facebook and I get better response through Facebook.

For Twitter, though a powerful medium; I find it hard to keep track of all the tweets of all the people I am following. So that kind of makes me miss out on a lot of things. Also, the time differences make it difficult to play catch up.

It is a very powerful medium if one has to promote something, that remains undebated!
Hajra recently posted..Will they call you over for a bloggers party?


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