How To Become An Opportunity Magnet

by Martha Giffen

Do you think some people just have all the luck?  That opportunity seems to always knock at their door?

Did it ever occur to you that opportunities continue to show up for the people who are awake enough to recognize them and take immediate action?

That’s been my experience.

It happened again yesterday!

I was beginning my second cup of tea and had logged into Facebook.  I usually check all the groups I’m in to see if something interesting is going on.  I just “happened” to see Micheal Savoie say he needed a guest immediately for his Blog Talk Radio show and he was looking for an author that wanted to talk about their book. (imagine that!)

Talk about dropping in my lap!

Long story short, I dropped everything and headed to that interview!  As “luck” would have it, there was another author on that call too.  Anybody heard of Brad Gosse?  Not only is he a major player in the world of internet marketing but he’s the author of the just-released and highly successful Chronic Marketer.

Can we say win/win?

Not only did I have the opportunity to talk about my own book, social media, blogging, and some very creative topics (ok, porn sites were discussed!), but I learned more than a few gems while listening to my co-interviewee Brad Gosse! What a great opportunity!  Not just to be on the show with Micheal Savoie but to meet and “get to know” Brad!

Yes, Brad’s over-the-top in my book and really takes “outrageous marketing” to the limits, but that’s what gives him the edge over others.  He also grabs opportunities when he sees them!

You just never know . . .

My message today is somewhat like the Boy Scout’s motto.  Be prepared.  And always on the lookout.  And, (here’s the big one) take immediate action!

Opportunities are everywhere.  Open your eyes.  They may not seem as obvious as the one that presented itself to me yesterday but hey, I could have simply sat on the sidelines.  I could have decided the interview wasn’t meant for me, that my book wasn’t a good fit, whatever.  The bottom line is: take it when it’s presented!

If you follow that advice, I can assure you, you will be an opportunity magnet at every turn!



p.s.  For the replay and some fantastic tips, click the link below:

Blogging With Michael

 How To Become An Opportunity Magnet

Martha Giffen

Martha Giffen is a Small Business and Social Media Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. The author of 3 best-selling books, including "Be Social Be Rich," she is an Online Marketing authority and teaches Small Biz Owners how to achieve massive profitable success. And, -she dishes it all out with a warm southern flare!

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