Why LinkedIn Endorsements Are Silly

by Martha Giffen

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It probably started out as a good idea.  Giving people an easy and painless way to endorse folks they have worked with.  But, as is the case with many good ideas, this one has gone amuck!

OK, I’ll admit that being able to quickly click and verify that a person has a certain skill is time saving and not intrusive, but my question is this:

With all that speedy endorsing going on, IS there any meaning behind those clicks?

Only the clickers can answer that!

My feelings about it are this:  Because we have become so accustomed to “liking” people on Facebook and giving hasty “follows” to folks on Twitter, the endorsement somehow is getting lost in that shuffle and we aren’t really paying attention to our clicking.

Otherwise, how can people we don’t really know and who have never worked with us be giving all these endorsements for our work?

Or maybe “endorsement” has a different meaning?

It seems like the true meaning is definitely watered down.

Or not taken seriously.

In any rate, am I the only one who’s starting to feel like it’s some kind of popularity contest?

Even the categories have become a little fuzzy.

At least on my own profile.  I have been endorsed for “corporate blogging.”  Not sure what that means.  This is the only blog I write regularly.  Does it look “corporate” to you?

It probably seemed like a good idea at first.  But with EVERYbody endorsing EVERYone for EVERYthing, I think LinkedIn endorsements have become silly.

How about you?





 Why LinkedIn Endorsements Are Silly

Martha Giffen

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