What We Can Learn From CNN About Social Media

by Martha Giffen

bigstock Screen with a bird inside 262749651 300x230 What We Can Learn From CNN About Social MediaSocial Media has gone mainstream, so let’s all join in and make the most of it!

Have you noticed the trend lately for TV commentators and talk show hosts to read comments directly from their Facebook pages or Twitter streams? To use Twitter hashtags as a way of gathering their tribe?  It’s happening more and more. And with good reason.  People are responding!

It’s always about THEM!

Isn’t this the truth?  Every person on the planet is interested in number one.  So, what is the best  way to interact with your audience.  You know the answer.  Simply include them!

My experience . . .

I got a taste of my own teachings New Year’s Eve night.  I was watching (with the other millions of people) Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin in Times Square waiting for the ball to drop.  I happened to notice they were including the Twitter stream in their celebration, so I thought I would join in.  I simply used their hashtag (which they were promoting) on a tweet and Voila!  My tweet managed to make it to the scrolling screen right below their show.

It looked something like this:

martha on CNN1 225x300 What We Can Learn From CNN About Social MediaOK, the point of this post is to let you know:  Social Media is becoming more interactive as we speak!  Everyone is getting in on the fun!

In my example, CNN was doing nothing more than creating more viewers.  But, isn’t that one of the goals of marketers who use social media?  To increase their audience? Gather a bigger following?

CNN was doing social media “right” in one way.  They were highlighting and pulling their viewers into the telecast. However,  time will tell if they eventually really do it “right” and interact on camera with their tweeters.

In the meantime, we have to remember that humans are a pretty self-centered bunch.  Oh, we love our neighbors, give to charities, and support love, peace, and harmony.  But, when it comes down to it, it’s always about What’s In It For Us!

Not a bad thing, just a fact thing.

Take a lesson.  When using social media for your business, ALWAYS make it about your audience.  That is, if you want them to stay tuned, follow along, and eventually purchase your products or services.

Have a happy and social 2013!



 What We Can Learn From CNN About Social Media

Martha Giffen

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