How To Kick Your Blogging Mojo Into High Gear

by Martha Giffen

What to do when your blogging mojo just isn’t working?

That was the topic discussed at last night’s BlogChat Twitter show.  #BlogChat is hosted each week by social media extraordinaire Mack Collier.

Seems it happens to everyone.

You know,  that dry spell when you just can’t seem to come up with a good blog topic to save your life and you start to think your blog is all dried up? Well, maybe not quite that dramatic, but you know the story.  I’m not going to spend any time there.

Here’s the real meat and potatoes . . .

I heard some standup ways to get that blog mojo back in gear!  And, I was taking notes!  The one that stood out to me was by Lois Martin, the head honcho over at Lois Martin Marketing.  She mentioned a  “Blogger’s Basket” and I was intrigued.  Seems she has a basket that she tosses ideas into and when she  can’t come up with a good one, that idea basket gets her brain moving.  You can read more about it here:  Bloggers Basket

My own technique is to just sit until the idea comes.   My philosophy is if I sit long enough, it will surface.  I know.  That could take longer than most people want to admit.  And, it could be a way of distracting myself and not getting my blog written but that’s a whole other can of beans.

For inspiration, the #Blogchat participants came up with these:

  • Other blogs – Reading ideas from other blogs can jar your brain into coming up with a new idea.  Or maybe expand on their idea.
  • Comments – These would be from your own blog.  Look at what your audience is saying.  They are a great source of new and clever ideas.
  • Reading magazines – I loved this one because I do it myself.  I’m more prone to be looking for catchy headlines, but we all know that headline can lead to a well-written and fun blog post!
  • Going OUT in the world – Yes, sometimes you just have to leave that computer and have experiences that will translate into a blog post!
  • Twitter stream – You can find fantastic and unusual ideas by watching what people are talking about.  You can also find out what they are interested in!
  • Ask your readers – This one can be overlooked but it the easiest yet.  Ask and they will tell you what they want you to write about.

Really, the list went on and on.

Some even subscribe to having a calendar so they always know what their topic will be for the day.  I’m not going to dwell on that.  If it works for you, do it.  For me, I’m more likely to write off the cuff.  It seems to get the job done for me!

This is not a new topic.

I’ve written about how to keep your blogging mojo going on several occasions and even wrote 50 Best Blogging Ideas To Keep Your Readers Coming Back so it’s not a subject that’s going to go away.

I’d love to hear what techniques you use!

Please share with us in the comments section.  I guarantee this:  Your idea will benefit someone else!  Thanks in advance!

Have a bloggerific day!



 How To Kick Your Blogging Mojo Into High  Gear

Martha Giffen

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