How To Increase Your List And Help A Child

by Martha Giffen

There are list building events, and then there are list building events that save children’s lives!

Who doesn’t want to grow their list?  Our list of customers and potential customers is the lifeline of our online businesses.

If you are an online marketer and are looking for a great way to increase your list, I’ve got the answer for you!

Joint venture with some of the biggest marketers on the net!

On Friday, the NAMS4Kids Joint Venture Giveaway launches.  The launch itself is very interesting because it’s sponsored by the Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop and is being conducted DURING the workshop to leverage as many learning opportunities as possible for the 185 students who will be participating.

JV Giveaways work!  Why?  They generate great traffic and list building opportunities!

This one is truly different!

All proceeds from the front end of this effort go to Dr. Mani’s CHD Foundation.

Who is Dr. Mani?

He’s an infopreneur and also a heart surgeon.  He uses his profits from his online biz to save the lives of children who need heart surgery and can’t afford it.
The Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshops have adopted Dr. Mani’s foundation by supporting his cause.  In January, 2010, at NAMS3, more than $1600 was raised from the people in the room, which resulted in surgery for one child in India.

The students at NAMS saved a life!

Would you like that feeling of participating with some of the best-of-the-best marketers in the  NAMS4Kids JV Giveaway too?  Before I describe what’s in it for you, read this story from Dr. Mani about one of the 70 children so far saved through the efforts of Dr. Mani:

“Ranchana’s mother is an ICU nurse. With devotion and
professional efficiency, she cares for sick little children,
helping them heal and easing their pain, and returning them
to health and happiness.

But a cruel fate ordained that it would soon be her own turn
to need healing!

When their daughter was born, the young parents were in for
a shock. Little did they realize that the brief infection
that struck during early pregnancy would affect the way
their girl’s heart and eyes develop.

Ranchana was born with cataracts in both eyes. She was
practically blind. An operation early in life fortunately
cured that, though she has had to wear thick spectacles ever

But the problem facing the family now was far bigger – and

The German measles (rubella) virus had left the little
girl’s heart malformed. It had a hole inside which was
causing a torrent of blood to rush into her lungs, keeping
her breathless and causing recurrent chest colds.

Fortunately, the condition was treatable by an operation…
but they had almost run out of money, with all the expensive
medical attention their child had needed until then. In
desperation, the parents sought support.

Word of mouth spread through a network of nurses led her to
one of our team members. Ranchana was successfully operated
on May 20th, 2006 for her large Atrial Septal Defect. Her
recovery was quick and uneventful.

Peering at the camera through her thick lenses, Ranchana
told of her treatment on the CHD Awareness video recorded by
the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation some years after her

To look at her today, you would hardly believe the hardship
she has faced so early in life. Grinning widely, she bubbles
with energy and enthusiasm as she talks about her dreams to
follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a nurse.

You, and others like you, made this possible. You gave a
child a chance to dream, a chance to hope… a chance to

Thank you from my heart.

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

Chennai, India


There are many top online marketers participating in this JV project.  TONS of free products and services are being given away!  The goal is to raise $10,000 in 72 hours.

Some of the free items include:

  • -ebooks
  • scripts
  • private label rights products
  • self-improvement products


You name it, it’s there!

Remember, this  opens at 10 a.m. ET on Friday, Aug. 20th.  You have plenty of time to submit a freebie of your own to be included in this awesome opportunity!

Sign up here:

This is one of the best opportunities I’ve had to share with you in a while!

You know what to do. . . . . . now, go build your list!


p.s.  The link above is an affiliate link.  You will receive one too after you sign up.  There is no obligation whatsoever to buy anything.  It just makes good biz sense! Share the word icon smile How To Increase Your List And Help A Child

 How To Increase Your List And Help A Child

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