Hurricane #Sandy and the Power of Twitter

by Martha Giffen

bigstock Social Media Bird 15187580 300x300 Hurricane #Sandy and the Power of TwitterSocial media has definitely changed the way we receive our news.  As timely as TV stations try to be with their “breaking news” headlines, they just can’t compete with the here and now that is called social media.

Today, in the United States, we have the impending landfall of Hurricane Sandy looming over a huge area of the east coast.  Folks are bracing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Social Media to the rescue!

In times past, people would have to rely on weather radios (still good to have!), TV updates (if power wasn’t out!), and of course cell phones (still the most helpful device) to get information on loved ones.  Enter social media.

Twitter is the bomb!

I quickly learned through tsunamis, hurricanes, uprisings, etc. that Twitter was the place for quick, up-to-the-minute dispatches during a crisis.  Smart phones earn their keep during such events.  Never before have we been able to transport info with an image at such rapid speed.

I know.  You are all Facebook, all the time.  For this storm, especially if you are in the path, I urge you to go over to Twitter.  People are posting in real time, with relevant info.

New to Twitter?

Don’t understand Twitter?  Here’s what you do.  Set up your account.  (it’s free and easy) In the search area, enter #Sandy or #SandyChat and you will immediately find people letting you know what’s happening on the ground.  In their world.  At that moment.

What else?

You’ll find people giving links to shelters, where to find supplies, how to reassure your children, and more! If you are in the path (or if you’re not, but want to encourage others who are), get over to Twitter and see what real social media can do!

And, be safe!



p.s.  You can find me on Twitter here: @MarthaGiffen  I’m not in the path, but will help pass along critical information.  #Sandy or #SandyChat for updates.


 Hurricane #Sandy and the Power of Twitter

Martha Giffen

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