Twitter It Up!

by Martha Giffen

Twitter, Twitter, don’t forget to Twitter!

To say that Twitter is the fastest, easiest social networking site is an understatement.  It takes under a minute to write 140 characters.  It takes under a minute (OK, only a second) to retweet a good link, and it takes (maybe) five minutes to have a short, engaging conversation with a Twitter connection.

Because I teach folks the how’s and why’s of  Twitter, I have heard all the reasons why Twitter is not used.

What I do find though, is that once I show them that social media  is just one piece of their marketing strategy, and that Twitter is the quickest to learn and easiest to use, they get on board pretty fast.

Have you?

Twitter is a great way to connect with people in your industry, future and current clients, and others who will promote what you are selling.

That tidbit alone should make you hop over there as fast as you can!  Not to mention the 2 million people that are on there at any given moment in time.

Still don’t understand it?

Yes, it’s easy.  But for the novice, it can seem intimidating.  I mean, all those people talking at once!  And following you?  Sounds a little like stalking, huh?

Not to fear!  It’s a great marketing tool that you will grow to love.  There’s alot of money being made over there.  Just by tweeting.  Imagine. . . producing an income with 140 characters.  It’s happening.  Every day.

If you are still unconvinced, sign up for TweetWithMartha and I’ll show you how it’s done.

The second session starts tomorrow night.  (Don’t worry, I recorded the first one and you’ll receive it also once you decide to join us!)

Get social and give your marketing strategy a kick in the you-know-what!



MarthaTwitterClass Twitter It Up!

 Twitter It Up!

Martha Giffen

Martha Giffen is a Small Business and Social Media Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. The author of 3 best-selling books, including "Be Social Be Rich," she is an Online Marketing authority and teaches Small Biz Owners how to achieve massive profitable success. And, -she dishes it all out with a warm southern flare!

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