Debunking the Myths of Online Marketing

by Martha Giffen

Online Marketing.  It can be a roller coaster ride trying to understand and decipher all the information available about the subject and the myths are growing each day.

Last week, I was on the panel of a 2 hour webinar  with marketing giant Pat O’Bryan, affiliate marketer extraordinaire Connie Green and award winning rockstar Geoff Hoff.  The main purpose was to demystify internet marketing.

In fact, Connie even named us the “No BS Gang” for further emphasis.

Survey says!

Pat had recently done a survey and found that so many people were still stuck at the overload stage or the I-don’t-know-where-to-begin stage that he organized the webinar to help folks.

The information overload is common.  In fact, we all agreed that we had the same problem in the beginning.  In my case, once i finally made a dollar online and started putting systems in place for myself, the money tree started to shake. A little. Then a little more icon smile Debunking the Myths of Online Marketing

The REAL problem!

In looking a little closer at the data AND what people were saying on the webinar, information overload isn’t really what’s keeping people from success!


It seems it’s more an internal problem than an external one.  Here’s some of the pitfalls that many of the future entrepreneurs admitted.

  • Procrastination. If that’s you, recognize it and put an accountability system in place.  Have an accountability partner, join a mastermind group, etc.  If you know that’s a problem, then find some sort of remedy and move on.  By move, I mean forward on the path to success!
  • Lack of time. Trying to start an internet business while still working a day job is a huge challenge, but it’s done every day.  There’s no reason to quit your day job until you can replace your income with your online biz income.  No, it’s not easy but that’s where we debunked a myth.  It IS do-able if you are willing to devote a couple of hours a night and most of your weekend for a while to developing your biz.  This is a very personal decision and only YOU know if you are willing to commit the time and energy.
  • Expectations. If you’ve fallen for all the hype and bought a product that promises you simply have to make a payment, everything is done for you, and money will pile into your bank account while you do nothing, forget about it!  It’s not going to happen!  Yes, you might find the occasional exception to the rule (I haven’t), but in most cases people are doing some serious work.  At least in the beginning.  As you build your biz and it becomes successful, well, that’s another story!
  • Niche problems. I know.  You are convinced everyone will want your product in a particular niche.  Or you think that niche is a money-maker.  Been there. Done that.  If other people are making money with a similar product, you’re probably OK but you need to research the market.  Don’t be guilty of hoping your niche is a lucrative one.
  • Are you an entrepreneur? This is a little trickier.  It has your mindset.  Entrepreneurs differ from career employees in the way they think.  They just do! Working for yourself is fun and exciting but the responsibility of turning a profit IS on your shoulder.  Be sure you have the mindset to run the show (and take the risks)!

There are obstacles on every road you take.  In the end, only you know if you have the tenacity to keep moving forward and doing what is required to have a successful online biz.


There’s no way to predict who will or will not “make it” in the online business world, but if you treat it like a business and not like a hobby, chances are you will be one of the success stories!



p.s.  The free replay of the “Ask Us Anything” webinar is here:

p.p.s.  Yes, that’s Pat working his portable empire from his “office!”

 Debunking the Myths of Online Marketing

Martha Giffen

Martha Giffen is a Small Business and Social Media Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. The author of 3 best-selling books, including "Be Social Be Rich," she is an Online Marketing authority and teaches Small Biz Owners how to achieve massive profitable success. And, -she dishes it all out with a warm southern flare!

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