Customer Communication

by Martha Giffen

Wooah.  They let me know it!

It happened last week.  I promoted a product to my list.  A product I like.  One that I know works.

Guess what?  They didn’t like it.  Not the product.  (I don’t think they went far enough into the sales video to actually learn about the product!)  They didn’t like the delivery.  The messenger.

It was a great lesson for me.  My customer base will let me know when they think I’m off-track.  You see, we are branded whether we think so or not.

Know Your Audience!

Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?  (I need to listen to my own advice!)

My audience looks like me.

They are mostly women.  Starting second careers or later-in-life careers.  And they want the product messengers to look the same way.  At least, that’s what I surmised from the avalanche of e-mails I received!

It was a video presentation.  By a young marketer.  A very young marketer. A male marketer.

It seemed to make no difference that he is extremely successful.  They weren’t interested.  They like a messenger that looks like me.  And they want to learn online marketing from me.  Not a young whipper-snapper.


I’m still thinking about what all this means but my e-mails don’t lie.  For whatever reason, the young man was not seen as credible.  They couldn’t be further from the truth.  However, that doesn’t matter.  What matters is their perception.

I am attracting customers and clients because of who I am.  What I say.  What I do.

Bottom line.  I need to stick to that.  It works.

Thank you, my trusted customers.  Lesson learned!



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 Customer Communication

Martha Giffen

Martha Giffen is a Small Business and Social Media Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. The author of 3 best-selling books, including "Be Social Be Rich," she is an Online Marketing authority and teaches Small Biz Owners how to achieve massive profitable success. And, -she dishes it all out with a warm southern flare!

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