7 Powerful Twitter Secrets Learned From Ellen DeGeneres

by Martha Giffen


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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard about Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter fiasco at the Academy Awards.

I have to admit, I was enjoying every minute of her social media escapade and tweeting right along.  Actually, my tweeting began a little earlier with my friend Steven Dimmick, of The Daily Dimmick, who was on the red carpet, reporting all the glamour in his role of social media correspondent.  For certain, one of the coolest jobs created by social media, but THAT’s for another blog post!

Let’s talk about the lessons learned and secrets unveiled by the Oscar host, Ellen DeGeneres.

I counted at least seven . . .

  • For starters, she asked for what she wanted. She wanted people to Re-tweet what she was sending out on Twitter.  Yes, if you will only ask for what you want and not be shy, you just might get rewarded.  That next promotion?  ASK your followers to Re-tweet!
  • She then included an image.  Images Rule.  It’s just that simple.  People love to click on images and SHARE them.  Take note.
  • She told everyone why.  In this case, she just wanted to be the most re-tweeted Twitterer (say that fast 3 times!) in history.  It’s a simple secret.  Think about what your why is, or your goal for the Re-tweet.  Are you wanting to promote your new webinar?  How about putting a why behind it? Your tweet might looking something like, “My goal is to empower female entrepreneurs with this webinar, please RT!”  The why can make a difference.
  • The use of hashtags.  Hashtags are used to group a community or people talking about the same topic together.  She made it easy for people to find the tweet.  Be consistent with your hashtags and your tribe will find you too!
  • A strong network is essential.  She has built up her Twitter following for a long time and it paid off.  Her network gave her the Re-tweet when she needed it.  Lesson:  Keep building your network.  It is golden.
  • Be “in the moment.” That’s the beauty of Twitter in a nutshell.  People are there NOW and ready to connet.  Don’t wait for tomorrow for today’s news.  Ellen cleverly tweeted while people were using Twitter at that moment.
  • Engage. I think anyone watching what happened, will admit Ellen DeGeneres was ENGAGING.  She was making everyone feel like they were part of her inner circle, made it fun, and people were willing to participate.

Twitter still ROCKS in my world for connecting with people, getting to know them, and ultimately creating a tribe.  Ellen DeGeneres used it to the hilt and we should all take notes!



p.s.  You don’t have to “crash” Twitter to make a big splash there!








 7 Powerful Twitter Secrets Learned From Ellen DeGeneres

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