7 Effective Ways to Grow Your Online Business

by Martha Giffen

bigstock Online Money 5632044 300x199 7 Effective Ways to Grow Your Online BusinessGrowing your online business takes time and energy.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Success does leave clues though, and here are 7 of my favorites!

  • Know your goals.  I’m not talking lofty goals like “make a million bucks this year” that can’t be backed up with a plan.  I’m saying write down yearly goals, break them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily (yes, daily) goals where you track results.  The quicker you do this one task, the quicker success will come.  You will know really fast if something is not working and can tweak according.
  • Outsource.  I know.  You run a mom and pop shop without a pop.  But here’s the thing.  You can’t possibly do it all and the sooner you hand over the mundane and repetitive tasks to someone else, the faster you will see results.  Start with outsourcing on a part-time basis and see where it leads.  You can thank me later icon smile 7 Effective Ways to Grow Your Online Business
  • Coaching.  If you are serious about wanting your biz to take OFF and be profitable, you will use a coach.  This is my personal favorite because it’s helped me the most.   Do your research.  Find someone who has achieved the success you want and hire them.  Again, if your funds are low, look at group coaching to start.  Also, if after you start, you don’t mesh with that one, find another one.  Don’t stay married to a coach if it’s not working out.
  • Collaborate. Joining forces with others can catapult your business.  Also mastermind groups can help generate ideas that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • Build a list.  You knew this one was coming.  There’s a reason for the saying, “The gold is in the list.”  Your list are prospects that will one day possibly  buy your products.  They are your prospects and you should be continuing to build that list every.single.day.
  • Videos.  This is one area that is growing by leaps and bounds.  It’s a fantastic way to get in front of your audience and let them “see” who you really are and what you offer.  Got a smart phone?  You can do videos!
  • Social Media.  Put yourself in front of prospects on a daily basis by sharing content, tips, and overall smart knowledge and  you’ll grow a following.  Offer products that your following wants and your business will continue to build.

Now, you know what to do.  Get out there and start thriving!




 7 Effective Ways to Grow Your Online Business

Martha Giffen

Martha Giffen is a Small Business and Social Media Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. The author of 3 best-selling books, including "Be Social Be Rich," she is an Online Marketing authority and teaches Small Biz Owners how to achieve massive profitable success. And, -she dishes it all out with a warm southern flare!

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